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Where do I find my Investor Number?

You will require an Investor Number to log into My BT Portfolio. Your Investor Number can be found on your transaction advices and quarterly and annual statements.

Is it possible to submit transactions using My BT Portfolio?

It is not possible to transact online through My BT Portfolio.

Why is my last transaction not showing on My BT Portfolio?

Transactions are generally processed within three business days but may take longer to show on your account. Please take this into account when checking your personal account information.

If you have received written confirmation of your transaction but it has not appeared on My BT Portfolio please check that the Investor Number on your confirmation is the same as the one you have used to log into My BT Portfolio.

If you have any concerns about your personal investment information you can call BT Client Services on 0800 800 661 (or +64 9 367 3300 from outside New Zealand).

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